The 2022 Toyota Tundra: This What You Will Get From The New Version

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2022 Toyota Tundra Redesign Details, New Features, and Release Date

2022 Toyota Tundra with new features

The 2022 Tundra will come out with a lot of new features. As we all know, For a decade, The Tundra has stayed largely unchanged. While we like uniformity as high as the next driver, we agree that modification schedules. Especially considering that other automobile makes have revamped their complete sized pickup offerings. While the 2021 Clermont Toyota Tundra will keep the very same looks, we more than happy to report some possible findings for the 2022 model year Toyota truck you’ll be excited to listen to!

2022 Toyota Tundra New Features

Without a significant redesign for over a decade, it seems Toyota realizes that they need to bring something new to offer the full-sized pick-up motorists what they desire and that suggests an upgraded Tundra at Toyota of Clermont. While a lot of what we’re about to show you is speculative, we’re sure you’ll still be rather hyped regarding the 2022 Toyota Tundra’s arrival.

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According to, The 2022 Toyota Tundra will no longer feature a V8 engine option… like, at all. From now on, this best-selling truck will be sporting a V6 engine. Higher-end models will likely offer a 3.4L option that gets 416 horsepower, while lower models will most likely offer a 3.5L that gets 278 horsepower. It’s rumored that both will offer much-improved horsepower.

2022 Toyota Tundra New Lineup

We may even see a hybrid option up for grabs in the 2022 model year as other makes make their way into the electric segment alongside it and Toyota continued to expand its hybrid lineup. A new chassis is in play – the new Toyota Tundra will showcase body-on-frame construction with new high-strength steel that also lowers the overall weight of the truck. The chassis will reflect the TNGA-F design (Toyota New Global Architecture-F) which was recently introduced to the make.

Gone are the leaf springs once found in the rear – the remodeled version of this Orlando Toyota truck will have coil springs as well as a live rear axle. We expect that due to the new design and chassis, the new elements, and the new engine, this popular truck will see big improvements in terms of towing, hauling, and performance in general (right now it maxes out at hauling 1,730 lbs and towing 10,200 lbs).

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The newest Entune infotainment system will be inside the cab, featuring a massive 12″ touchscreen interface and a head-up display option. This new Toyota truck will also boast a full Safety Sense suite with the latest and greatest safety technology, including automatic lane centering, advanced radar cruise control, and more.
The interior and exterior of this much-loved Toyota truck will boast a complete redesign, including a larger grille and taller hood, as well as an evolution reflecting the current design trends of this decade.

2022 Tundra Release Date

Sadly, due to Covid-19, there no date offers by Toyota yet. But As we know the last month, An official (albeit delayed) debut is expected in the fourth quarter next year, with sales tipped to start December 2021 as an MY2022 offering. Its Sequoia full-size SUV sibling will also arrive roughly under a year later.

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