2021 Toyota Fortuner: Everything You Need To Know!

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The Toyota Fortuner 2021 is reportedly being prepared to become the main Toyota’s family SUV for the 2021 automotive market. As the latest generation, this facelifted version of the Fortuner certainly brings improvements from its predecessor.

This increase can be seen from several sectors of the specifications it carries, including the appearance that wraps it later.

2021 Toyota Fortuner

Then what does it look like? To reveal the design or appearance of the latest Toyota Fortuner, just look at the reviews we share below.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Style Design

It cannot be denied that Toyota is always innovating to bring out the best products. Likewise with this facelift version of the Toyota Fortuner.

The appearance of the new Fortuner is certainly fresher and more charming, which makes users cooler with every trip. Regarding this appearance, IndianAutoBlogs leaked the latest Fortuner rendering design. Wherefrom the rendered design, it is clear that the changes in appearance are inspired by the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Starting from the lighting, rims, grille, and much more. Its captivating appearance makes many automotive enthusiasts eager to own the Toyota Fortuner 2021.

The Lighting Side Improvement

As we mentioned above, the lighting side is one of the sectors that differentiates it from the previous generation. Where for the facelift version of the Fortuner, it shows the fog lamp housing that looks like a box. It’s just that, it’s bigger when compared to the 2021 Prado. In addition, the latest Fortuner is also equipped with headlights that are supported by LED technology. You need to know, LEDs allow Fortuner lighting to be sharper and clearer.

This of course can help users to easily break through dark road conditions. The presence of LED headlights also gives the Toyota Fortuner 2021 an increasingly classy impression.

Still talking about the lighting side, the facelift version of the Fortuner also gets changes from the rear lights. Unlike the previous generation, the new Fortuner taillights will be modified.

The 2021 Fortuner comes with New Grille

Besides being equipped with a classy lighting side, the facelift version of the Fortuner also features a new grille whose design is no less charming.

The grille he carries is present in a rectangular shape. Where this grille design makes the latest Fortuner look dashing and tough.

Driving with the Toyota Fortuner 2021 will certainly be much safer and more comfortable than the previous version. So don’t be surprised if the presence of this car is so eagerly awaited by fans.

Wheel Design

Switch to the wheels. It cannot be denied that the wheels also play an important role in influencing the overall appearance of the Fortuner facelift.

The latest Fortuner is known to have been equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels. With the presence of these wheels, the facelift version of the Fortuner looks even fresher.

In addition, these wheels also allow the new Fortuner to run in all-terrain conditions with ease. The journey with the facelift Fortuner will certainly be more enjoyable.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Specifications

2021 Toyota Fortuner Specifications
After knowing what the design looks like, of course, you are also curious about the specifications it carries. Behind its tempting appearance, it turns out that the specifications carried by the Toyota Fortuner 2021 are also very fierce.

For the heart of the race itself, most likely the facelift Fortuner will be armed with the same two engine options as before.

Where the two engines are gasoline with a capacity of 2.7 liters and diesel with a capacity of 2.4 liters. Each of these machines has different power and torque.

The petrol engine produces 161 hp and 242 Nm of torque. As for the diesel engine, it has 147 hp with a torque of 400 Nm.

For the inside, the specifications regarding the interior of the Toyota Fortuner 2021 are also interesting to know. The interior line is expected to get changes in terms of color.

Not a few hope, Fortuner will display a different color impression on the seats and dashboard. Besides the color, this car is also expected to bring a more sophisticated touch screen head unit.

For example, Apple CarPlay support and even Android Auto. That way, the features of the new Fortuner are not only in appearance, but comprehensive.

Apart from that, the details of the new facelift version of the Fortuner specifications can be known when it is officially launched later. The release itself is scheduled for October or December later this year.

2021 Fortuner Release Date

Sadly there still no information about when the 2021 Fortuner will come out, considering the world is being hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, the schedule for the release of the Toyota Fortuner 2021 is not impossible to postpone. Same with you We wait for the latest news about that.