2023 Toyota Prado New Design, Specs, and Price

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2023 Toyota Prado-Many people are asking if there will be a 2023 Toyota Prado after hearing that the 2023 Land Cruiser would be redesigned and unveiled soon. After all, many people mistakenly believe that the Land Cruiser and the Prado are the same vehicle. Given that Prado is frequently written or pronounced as Land Cruiser Prado, this is a logical misunderstanding. Is Prado, nevertheless, still popular and liked? Is there going to be a new model for it in 2023?


2023 Toyota Prado

2023 Toyota Prado Exterior &  Interior Updates

Thanks to the leveraging TNGA-F platform structure, the Prado should be durable and robust enough to comfortably accommodate 7 people. The construction is identical to that of the 300 series. Expect new engines as a result of the new platform, including the rumored 2.5-litre hybrid petrol-electric. Unfortunately, Toyota authorities have refused to comment on the progress, so we don’t have much information.


2023 Toyota Prado


2023 Toyota Prado Interior

2023 Toyota Prado Engine

The modern Prado is powered by a 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine with four cylinders. Unfortunately, this setup is believed to be difficult and fraught with problems. As a result, the firm wants to replace it with a newer, cleaner turbo diesel engine. So, what about the V6? It’s unknown whether the Prado will be equipped with the same V6 turbodiesel engine that powers the 300 Series.The new Toyota Prado in 2023 is anticipated to preserve its strong and classic ladder-frame chassis, but expect more tech and safety updates in the new model. A better driving system, better on- and off-road control, greater infotainment and connectivity systems, and more would be possible with better technology.If the 300 Series has aggressive style, the new Toyota Prado for 2023 is said to have even more aggressive styling.


2023 Toyota Prado Engine

2023 Toyota Prado Price & Release date

The exact date of the fifth-generation Toyota Prado’s arrival in Australia is unknown at this moment, but if the Japanese rumor is accurate, it will most likely be in 2023.As a result, the price is still unknown because no definitive information is available.