How To Know The PRICE To Ask For Your Home?

One of the biggest mistakes, made by many homeowners, who decide to sell their home, is deciding what PRICE to ask for their home! In most cases, the best price, and finest, other terms, received for a particular house, is, within the first few weeks, after it’s listed, on the real estate market, so, if you hope to achieve your objectives and priorities, the pricing, is a significant factor. Price your house, right, from the start, is a well – respected, real estate reality! Instead of doing this, haphazardly, or overly, emotionally, in the vast number of cases, it makes sense, to hire, a qualified real estate professional, to advice you in terms of pricing, marketing, and preparing, to get the results, you seek, and desire. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, a strategy, to proceed, as wisely as possible.

1. Process; pluses; perceptions; plans: How well a homeowner knows, and understands, the process, from the listing, to the closing, and realizes, the listing, and selling price, are often different, is an essential starting point! He must be able to, objectively, understand the home’s pluses, and minuses, as compared with the competition. Are his perceptions, the same as, potential, qualified, home buyers? What marketing and selling plan, as well as pricing strategy, will your agent, recommend, and, what will be the result?

2. Region; relevant; real estate: All real estate is local! The region, area, neighborhood, and other nuances, are, often, extremely relevant factors, towards what others, might be willing to pay, for your house!

3. Issues; improvements; imagination; innovate: Are there any specific issues, which might harm the perceived value of your house? Are these, easily addressed, and, will the improvements, be worthwhile? How much imagination, in terms of staging, marketing, etc, will the agent, you hire, proceed with? Can you think – outside – the – box, and be open – minded, enough, to innovate, if, and when, needed and necessary?

4. Chooses; clearer; creative; Competitive Market Analysis (CMA): The path one chooses, often, determines, the eventual results! Will you proceed, with a clearer perspective? How creative might your agent, represent you? In most cases, the only way to determine, how to price your home, to sell, is, by using a professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA!

5. Efforts; excellence; enrich; experience/ expertise: Beware of listening to the advice of some people, even close friends, who provide their opinions! Choose a representative, with the experience, and expertise, to enhance the efforts, and pricing, you will receive, in a reliable, realistic way! When you, and your agent, work, with teamwork, it will enrich the overall experience, and provide additional excellence, and better results!

Don’t make the mistake of over – pricing, or, under – pricing, your house, if you hope to achieve the best results! Are you, up to the task?