The New 2021 Toyota GR HV Sports: Specs, Review, and Availability

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Howdy buddy, today our news is about the brand new GR HV Sports from Toyota. This 2021 Toyota GR HV sport is just one of the many cars presented on the last Tokyo Auto Show as a brand-new idea of flashy sports cars. As we saw, the vehicle is based on Toyota TS050 design currently confirmed at Le Mans race, but with various styles and functions. However, the layout is borrowed from the additionally well-known Toyota GT 86, however just in detail. In terms of the engine performances, there is a new, flashy, hybrid engine and also some improvements in the transmission which is not only automatic, yet it can be transformed by a switch in the cabin.

2021 Toyota GR HV Sports at Tokyo Auto Show

What New For the 2021 Model Year?

For the 2021 Model Year, The new Toyota GR HV Sports is made as every sporty car in the beginning glance. Made to be reduced as well as chubby on sides, this version has Targa top and a two-seat cabin with modern-day details outside. Matt’s black color is undoubtedly to add more style to already an elegantly sports design, while the sharp front end has large air intake and interesting front lights separated on 3 LED lines.

How Powerful the new 2021 GR HV Sports?

Some Toyota stylish automobiles fans could be disappointed with reality that 2021 Toyota GR HV Sports Idea has a hybrid engine that is not normal on cars. Nonetheless, the manufacturer promises a fascinating combination of a 2.0-liter flat-four engine as well as an electrical motor under the hood. The only thing we understand concerning this combination is that the maker called it soon THS-R which represents “Toyota Hybrid System-Racing” which is already seen on TS050. Among the main modifications is that the battery is mounted at the facility of the car, which enhances the speed of the auto.

Now, let say something about the transmission in the 2021 Toyota GR HV Concept. As we claimed it is a transmission but with optional transforming from the cabin only with one button. So currently this six-speed transmission could be switched over throughout driving on a manual transmission. This brand new car offered as a rear-wheel driving system only.


Although 2021 Toyota GR HV Sports Car sounds as well as appears like a fantastic suggestion that could accomplish the class of race sporty cars, similar to Honda CR-Z and a Mazda MX-5 RF, we still are uncertain if this model will go to the marketplace whatsoever.

2021 Toyota GR HV Sports powered with new engine system

The maker stated that the whole is still on the table, so absolutely nothing is for certain. On the other hand, the brand-new car ought to be produced very soon as the old Toyota 86 is passing away. According to the news that we got so far, this brand new GR HV Sports will put on sale in December for the Asian Market and in late January 2021 North America.