4 Ways to Make Sure That You Choose the Right Parkade Cleaner

So you have a parkade that needs cleaning, but you don’t know who to hire. How do you know that the deep cleaning of your parkade is going to be done properly?

You search Google, but that’s no real help, all the companies look the same. How do you know what service you are really getting for the price? Is the lowest bidder even offering any value at all? How do you know what the best value really is?

Here are 4 simple guidelines that can help.

So let’s focus on the first question, who should you hire?

This is like comparing two professionals, a family doctor and a brain surgeon. Both are doctors, but I doubt you would want a general practitioner operating on your brain, even if charged less! This is the same for parkade cleaners. Find out how long they have been cleaning parkades for, what type of experience they have only cleaning parkades. Some companies don’t have the proper equipment and know-how to deep clean a parkade in the correct manner. Some may have hood cleaning equipment that is doing double duty in parkades. It is best to ask about their procedures, equipment and plan of attack for your specific parkade. True professionals don’t cheap out on having the necessary equipment.

Another good indicator is the state of their equipment. If the equipment is beat up, old or unkempt, chances are they won’t do quality work. A company’s equipment is a representation of the actual company. It is a key indicator on how they are going perform the job. Sloppy, unmaintained equipment shows a lack of respect for you and your properties.

Onto the second question, what type of equipment do they plan to use?

The best practices for deep cleaning your parkade involves 3 main steps. Firstly, the entire parkade should be power swept with an industrial power sweeping machine. Then an industrial grade pressure washer (over 4 gallons per minute or GPMs) should make sure the deep clean the concrete, corners and poles. Finally, an industrial power scrubber should deep scrub the concrete and leave everything fresh and dry. Although there is no official industry standard, this 3 step procedure is a good benchmark.

Third, how often should you deep-clean a parkade?

The recommended deep cleaning for parkades is every 6 months to 1 year. Once per year is the bare minimum. If the parkades aren’t cleaned annually, salt, dirt and debris can build up and create maintenance issues and health and safety hazards.

Number 4, What is involved in pressure washing?

An industrial grade pressure washer is the best solution for your parkade. Hot water pressure washers do a much better job than cold water, and attack stains and spots. A capacity of over 4 gallons per minute (or GPMs) will provide adequate volume to clean properly.

In conclusion, the old cliché is true, you get what you pay for. As there is a lot more to cleaning a parkade than sweeping and throwing some water down, true professionals invest in the right equipment for the right job.