Urbanization Trends in the Industrial Belt of India

In the recent past, many megacities and small towns in India have witnessed a meteoric growth and Durgapur is one amongst them. It was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who took the initiative of transforming the city into an industrial town.

The town is one of the most popular industrial belts of West Bengal and is home to the largest industrial units of the state including Durgapur Steel Plant and Alloy Steel Plant, both are integrated parts of Steel Authority of India (S.A.I.L). Additionally, there are four power plants and Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (C.M.E.R.I.), a C.S.I.R. laboratory, present here. As a regional industrial belt, the typography of the town is considered extremely unique. The presence of Raniganj coalfields and Asansol subdivision on the west has all the more increased the value of the land in the whole Bardhaman District and adjoining areas.

Today, the price of land for sale in Durgapur has been increasing rapidly. In the recent times, the city has witnessed radical changes in terms of both industrial and infrastructural development. As more and more people are getting settled here to earn their livelihood, various shopping malls, schools, hospitals, housing complex, etc. have sprung up here. To meet the rising demand and purchasing power of the consumers, there are various lands for sale in Durgapur.

When we talk about the development in Durgapur and its nearby regions, the upcoming Aerotropolis project is worth mentioning. This project is developed on around 2,200 acre of land at Andal near Durgapur and it will give this township the stature of an airport city. To accommodate the rising demand of the middle-class section in the city, there are many residential projects set up to fulfill the local housing demand. However, many real estate businesses are still finding difficulty in procuring adequate sites for fulfilling the housing dreams of the people from all economic backgrounds.

A major boom in real-estate in Durgapur has increased its property prices exponentially. Today, all the big real-estate tycoons in India are considering investing here and even the top India based online search portals have brought the lands for sale in Durgapur to the web. However, there is a longstanding debate over whether or not it is the duty of a real estate business to build housing complexes that cater to all class of people in the society. This debate is on a rise since an increasing number of realties have now shifted their focus on constructing high-end complexes to fetch increased profits.