5 Important Considerations For Home Buyers!

Almost, most of us, consider, owning a house, of our own, to be, an important component, in the so – called, American Dream, unless/ until, potential home buyers, proceed, in a more – prepared, and better – informed, way, instead of it being, a dream, may become, a nightmare! After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to strongly, believe, the more prepared, and informed, the individual, the happier, the experience, will be! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key, important considerations, which wise people, are prepared, to proceed, with.

1. Financing – mortgage; down – payment; etc: Few potential, qualified buyers, pay sufficient attention, to better understanding, more about the financing possibilities, especially, knowing the differences, between, different mortgage types, and possibilities! Some of these differences, include: the term of the loan; whether, points, are necessary; how much the down – payment must be, for each type of loan; and being prepared, for all the foreseeable costs, of home ownership, as well as, preparing for the many contingencies, associated, with owning one’s house!

2. Inspection/ Home Engineer: Never under – estimate, the significance, of using, the right, well – qualified, Home Engineer, and/ or, inspector! This will inform one, of the possible areas, of concern, knowing, the probabilities, and both, the house’s strengths, and potential weaknesses! Add those anticipated costs, to the purchase – price, to know, what your expenses, really, are!

3. Personal, and/ or, custom needs: We are each, individuals, so, it is important, to begin, with thorough, objective introspection (a check – up, from the neck – up), so you better understand, and consider, what your personal needs, may be, in living, in any house! Most are only able, to make a house, their home, when they identify, and satisfy, these personal and custom needs

4. Area/ neighborhood: What do you seek, and desire, in the region, neighborhood, area, and specific block/ location, where you reside? Rank, personally, how important, items such as: convenience to transportation; school quality; environmental issues; nature; safety, shopping, etc, are, and, be certain, to select, the location, which will please you!

5. The specific house, and property: What specific features, are you seeking, in a specific home, and property? Do you seek, a large property, or, one, easier, and less – expensive, to maintain, etc? Begin, with, two lists: your musts; and, your wish – list!

The better prepared, one, begins the home – search/ hunting, process, the happier, he will probably, become! Will you commit to being a wiser, home buyer?